Paper Shredder
When it comes to data protection, it is not the amount of paper that matters but it's content. Because even small amounts of paper must be safely destroyed. The IDEAL desk shredders guarantee discretion and data protection right where confidential documents are created.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are countless documents in private or business use that represent potential sources of data misuse and that have no place in normal (paper) garbage. These documents should be shredded when they are no longer needed. These include, for example, offers & contract documents, account statements & credit card receipts, invoices & receipts, doctor’s reports, personalized advertising documents, tax documents, signed documents, accounting documents or business books / annual financial statements.

Yes, all IDEAL document shredders are GDPR compliant. They can each be assigned to a security level and a protection class and can therefore be precisely specified.

Cross-Cut is ideal when higher security is required. It reduces more waste, bulking down by at least 70%.

A Straight-Cut Shredder produces long ‘strips’ cut vertically. A Cross-Cut cuts the paper in both directions – horizontally and vertically, producing ‘chips’.

Straight-Cut offers faster speed and is suitable for lower security documents.

To maintain smooth operation the cutting head must be lubricated regularly using lubrication oil for shredders.

Din level determines the size of the paper cut and the security level each shredder offers. This is an industry-standard.

Continuously reverse and forward until the paper has cleared through.

Shredding excessive amounts of paper will wear out the motor. Continuous Use – Be sure your shredder is rated for continuous use before using it continuously. Many cheap and entry-level shredders do not have thermally-protected motors and will burn out with excessive use.

The IDEAL office shredder model 2604 and above series onwards can shred for 24 hours without a need to cool down.

Once your document has activated the trigger in the centre of the throat, the shredder will turn on and off automatically.

To protect the user, all IDEAL shredders are fitted with a safety device that ensures the machine will turn off immediately when removed from the bin.

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